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News and Alerts

Sprinkling Ban

NEWS: Sprinkling Ban - Level Three Water Emergency

The City of Grandville is one of Wyoming's customer communities for water.  Wyoming has declared a Level Three Water Emergency, due to a water transmission main repair. The repair will temporarily reduce the capacity of the water system making it necessary to institute a Sprinkling Ban. This ban, which includes all outdoor irrigation, begins Tuesday, August 11 at 6:00 a.m. within all communities served by the City of Wyoming Water System.

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Formal Public Notice

Areas Under Sprinkling Ban

The Wyoming Water Treatment Plant serves many municipalities extending from Kentwood to the lakeshore. The areas listed below are under a Sprinkling Ban due to an emergency repair beginning Tuesday, August 11 at 6:00 a.m. The ban includes all outdoor irrigation. 

The communities served by the Wyoming water system include:

  • Zeeland Township
  • Park Township
  • Olive Township
  • Blendon Township
  • Holland Township
  • Georgetown Township
  • Jamestown Township
  • Byron - Gaines Township
  • City of Hudsonville
  • City of Grandville
  • A part of the City of Kentwood
  • City of Wyoming  

Action Alert:  No Sprinkling!
Wyoimng needs their drinking water customers to stop using water for irrigation until further notice. We expect this Sprinkling Ban to last no longer than two weeks.  This is due to an emergency repair of one of our two main water transmission mains. This means no sprinklers or irrigation systems can be used while the repair takes place. Together, we can reduce water demand during this critical time.

We don't want the 230,000 West Michigan customers to experience changes in water pressure. Low water pressure is obnoxious and may lead to challenges like boil water advisories. If the water pressure is maintained, water quality is maintained. Water customers like can help by eliminating sprinkling for just two weeks.

Emergency Transmission Main Repair

Recently, the City of Wyoming discovered a small crack in the older of two water transmission mains. This needs to be repaired as soon as possible to prevent it from turning into a larger break.

What is a transmission main? Transmission mains carry a massive amount of clean, drinkable water. The two transmission mains carry water from the Donald K. Shine Water Treatment Plant on the lakeshore. They supply water to communities across West Michigan in addition to the City of Wyoming. To ensure the safety of the water, transmission mains are under high pressure. The pressure carries it throughout the water system to 230,000 water customers while preventing it from becoming contaminated.

Approximate Timeline

July 30: Wyoming resident reported a suspected water leak.

July 31 – August 3: Wyoming excavated to determine the level of damage.

August 3 – 6: Wyoming Public Works team developed a plan for emergency repair.

August 6 – 10:  The replacement pipe segment was shipped and determined to be a suitable replacement.

August 11: Sprinkling Ban begins across the water service area (NO SPRINKLING)

August 11 – 12: The transmission main is drained so that work can commence, which can take several days because it is a lot of water.

August 12 – 23: The repair work is carried out.

August 24: Sprinkling Ban will end and the water system continues as normal.

Meeting Changes/Cancellations

The Regular Meeting of the Grandville City Council scheduled for August 24, 2020 will be held virtually. Click HERE to for more information. 

Meeting Minutes

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