Traffic-Civil Infractions
Civil infractions, including most traffic and parking offenses, are defined as an act or omission which is not considered a crime.

  • If you have been issued a Municipal Civil Infraction for a property issue, the City of Grandville Code Enforcement Officer will inform you of your obligations.
  • Or, if you received a ticket that includes a specific appearance date and time, you must appear at court at that given time.

Options available when issued a Traffic Citation:
  1.  To admit responsibility, simply pay the ticket in person or by mail within ten business days of receipt. If the ticket is not paid within ten business days, late fees will begin to accumulate. Continued disregard of traffic citations will result in eventual suspension of the driver's license by the Secretary of State.
  2. To admit responsibility with an explanation, mail or present a letter within ten business days explaining any mitigating factors that you felt may have led to receipt of the citation. The Court will read your explanation and mail you either a response with an amount owing, or a notice to appear in court for a hearing.
  3. To deny responsibility, you must contact the court office at (616) 538-9660 within ten business days to request a contested hearing. The court will mail you notice of the hearing date.

Click here for the current Traffic Citation fine schedule

Traffic citations must be paid in full; no partial payments are permitted. Accepted payment methods:
  • Cash - if payment is made in person
  • Personal Check (no out-of-state checks or starter checks)
  • Money orders
  • Credit card in person* - most major cards accepted
  • Credit card online or by phone* - call the court office at (616) 538-9660 for further instructions

*A service fee applies to all credit card payments