Cemetery 3

The 32-acre cemetery is staffed by one full-time employee, one part-time clerk and seasonal help as needed. An annual Memorial Day ceremony is held in the cemetery at the Civil War Monument.

For lot sales, burial information and questions, contact the cemetery at 616-538-1990 Monday through Thursday from 7 AM-4 PM, Friday 7 AM - 11 AM.

Cemetery Rules and RegulationsPermitted Grave Decorations:
Flowers and holiday wreaths are the only grave decorations permitted in the Grandville cemetery.

Flowers:   Allowed April 1-November 1.  All flowers and containers (except cement urns) must be removed by November 1 of each year.  Cemetery personnel will remove flowers and containers remaining after November 1.  One of the following containers is allowed per grave site:
1)  Cement urn on a cement foundation (foundations can be purchased from the cemetery)
2)  Green metal cemetery pail (permanently mark your pail with name and lot number)
3)  Hanging basket on a Shepard's hook (as approved by the cemetery staff). Hook must be
     non-bendable and suspend basket at least 12 inches from the ground.
4)  Cut flowers are permitted for one week after burial.

Holiday Wreaths:  Allowed between December 1 and April 1.  Removal by April 1 is your responsibility.

U.S. Flags and Veteran Markers:  U.S. flags in  approved flag holders are provided by the cemetery for military veterans.  Veteran Markers are available through the Veteran's Administration at no cost for qualified military veterans-please contact the cemetery for information and assistance ordering veteran markers.  Markers for firemen and policemen may be provided by their municipalities.

No additional decorations or plantings of any type will be allowed.  Cemetery will not be responsible for any damage to or theft of containers or for items left after the allowed date and removed by cemetery personnel.

Cemetery Mapping Information

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Phone: (616) 538-1990
Fax: (616) 530-4987

Monday-Friday 8 am-4 pm

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