4th of July Celebration Committee

Welcome to Grandville's newest Board!
Currently accepting applications! The 4th of July Celebration Committee is solely responsible for the planning, conduct and operation of the 4th of July Celebration, including the 4th of July parade within the City of Grandville.  

Membership on the Committee is open to all persons who are willing to volunteer time and effort in regard to the 4th of July celebration. 
A Steering Committee of the Committee consisting of 7 members has been appointed by the City Council.   
Applications are available and can be submitted through the City of Grandville website. 


  • Resident of Grandville Public School District

Bogedin, Danielle
Brown, Katie (Vice-Chair)
Jenison, Jim (Chair)
Rich, John
Richards, Sue
Sikkema, Zachary (Secretary)
VanderLaan, Lisa