The Assessing Department is responsible for identifying and valuing all real and personal property within the City of Grandville in accordance with Michigan’s General Property Tax Act and other applicable statutes or resolutions. The Grandville Assessor’s office maintains a database of nearly 7,000 real and personal property parcels. The department duties include annually producing assessment rolls; updating property ownership records and property tax descriptions, processing personal property statements, processing various tax exemption requests, processing land divisions, maintaining building permit records, and re-inspections of existing properties along with inspections of new construction.

Michigan law requires the annual assessment of all real property on a uniform basis at 50% of its fair market value or usual selling price. Property is appraised using a computer assisted mass appraisal system supplemented with current market data to make a determination of fair market value. True cash values are multiplied by 50% to calculate assessed values.

Michigan voters approved Proposal A in 1994 to cap annual property tax increases at 5 percent. Assessors use either the rate of inflation multiplier or 5 percent, whichever is the lesser percentage, to calculate taxable value. The Michigan Department of Treasury determines the rate of inflation multiplier based on the Consumer Price Index. Taxable value may never exceed the assessed value. Exclusions to the taxable value formula include property additions, losses, improvements, new construction, and non-exempt property transfers of ownership.

Property owners will receive an annual notice of assessment with two values, the tentative assessed value, and the taxable value. Assessed values are equalized by the Kent County Bureau of Equalization and become the State Equalized Value (SEV). The annual taxable values established by the Assessor are used by the Treasurer to create property tax bills for all property within the City of Grandville.

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Charlie Decator
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Tina Waddell
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