Growing a Greener Grandville

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Growing a Greener Grandville has two major elements, both of which you can support:

  1. Certification of individual landscapes across our community as wildlife habitats. This can include your yard, your school, your workplace, or your place of worship.
  2. Community outreach events and projects on wildlife conservation and sustainable gardening.

The NWF Garden for Wildlife program provides the certification of all individual spaces, regardless of property type. Please visit their website for all the details.

Whether or not you choose to certify your landscape with the NWF, we encourage you to consider simple wildlife- and earth-friendly practices such as:

  • Eliminate, or at least reduce, the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.
  • Create habitat for wildlife by installing native trees, shrubs, and/or perennial flowers.
  • Provide and maintain fresh water for wildlife - as little as one simple birdbath.
  • Reduce storm water runoff from your property by installing bioswales, rain barrels, rain gardens or other practices.
  • Provide wildlife breeding places such as shrubs or small trees or bird nest boxes.