Applications for Absent Voter's (AV) Ballot are mailed automatically for each election to those that have requested to be added to the list kept by the Clerk's Office.  AV applications can be returned via email to clerk@cityofgrandville.com, via mail, in-person during regular business hours, or left inside of the secure (and under 24/7 video surveillance) white drop box located in the parking lot of City Hall.  

Delivery of military and overseas AV ballots must begin for the November election by September 24, 2022. All requests received since November 2, 2021 from a military or overseas voter will be honored for all 2022 elections.
Absentee Ballots for the November 8, 2022 State General Election will be available in the Clerk's Office no later than September 29, 2022.

It’s the season for confusing mailings about voting from sources other than our office.  If you receive mail that says you aren’t registered to vote, that may or may not be accurate.  Political parties and non-profit groups don’t always have correct information about who is or isn’t registered, and they are sending out mailers that can be confusing.  Voters who aren’t sure of their voter registration status, can visit Mi.gov/Vote or contact our office at (616) 531-3030 or email clerk@cityofgrandville.com

If you submitted an absentee ballot application earlier this year (and checked the box for the November election), then you do not need to fill out another one – even if you receive additional applications in the mail from political parties or non-profit groups.   In the spring, the Clerk's Office mailed absentee ballot applications (pictured below) that covered both the August and November elections to the voters on our automatic application list and many have been submitted by voters.  

From now until November 8th, our residents will likely be receiving a lot of mail encouraging absentee voting from a variety of sources.  Voters who are not sure if they have already submitted an application for this election, can check Mi.gov/Vote.  Voters can use applications from any source or apply online at Mi.gov/Vote Applications require the voter's signature, which will be verified at our office.

If you receive a mailing about voting, check the return address to see who sent it out. Submitting duplicate applications creates extra work for our staff when we are already very busy preparing for the election. We appreciate voters “considering the source” of confusing mail.