Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a copy of a fire or medical report and is there a fee?

You or your insurance company can request a fire report in person or by mail, including a self addressed stamped envelope. You will need to provide the date, approximate time and location of the incident.

Medical reports are released only with proper identification or a signed release, subpoena or court order. Please refer to our Privacy Policy (Click here to read the policy) or call our office for details.

There is a $5.00 charge for copies of any reports.

When can I get my child safety seat installed / inspected and do you give seats away?
Child safety seat installations/inspections are available by appointment only. You may schedule an appointment by calling the Fire office at 616-530-6211. There is no charge for the inspections. Child safety seats are not given away. If certain requirements are met, they may be available at a reduced cost through Greater Grand Rapids Safe Kids Coalition. Call 616-391-7233 for more information.
How do I arrange for a tour of the fire station
Tours are available for groups of all ages. Contact our office at 616-530-6211 to arrange your tour
Why did you open the fire hydrants near my house today? Isn't that a waste of water?

Our personnel are out "flushing" the fire hydrants throughout the city during the warm months. While this may appear to be wasteful, it serves two purposes:

  • The fire department uses these flushes as a test for the hydrants that, thankfully, are seldom used. It also provides us with an opportunity to check for any damage that may have occurred and to keep the hydrants in the best working condition possible.
  • The public works department uses the flushing as a means to keep sediment from building up in the water mains. The flushing also removes any contaminants that may have entered the mains due to breaks or other problems.