Liquor License Information

Are you looking to serve or manufacture liquor in the City of Grandville? Do you need to extend your existing license beyond your property for an event? You will need approval from the City of Grandville before the State of Michigan will issue your license. We’ll walk you through our process.

City Council Approval Necessary
You need City Council approval for new liquor licenses. This includes these types of licenses:

Resort liquor licenses
  • New wine maker licenses
  • New brewer licenses
  • New distiller licenses
  • Temporary licenses for events where event boundaries encompass City streets and/or sidewalks

No City Council Approval Needed
Some liquor licenses don't need City Commission approval. These licenses don't need approval:

  • Transfer of ownership for existing licenses
  • Transfer of interest for existing licenses
  • Transfer of location for existing licenses
  • Off premise liquor licenses
  • Events held solely on private property
  • Events that Apply for a 24 Hour Special Liquor License through the State of Michigan

Step 2.  Submit your application early

This process takes time.  Multiple City departments will review your application.  Plan for our review to take around 30 days. 
After City departments review your application, you'll need City Council approval. The City Council meets on the second and fourth Monday of each month.  After the City Council approves your application, we forward it to the State of Michigan. The State Liquor License department then processes your application.  The State will take at least 10 days to process temporary liquor licenses for events. The process will take longer for new liquor licenses.