Community Service
If you have been ordered to complete community service/work crew as part of your probation conditions, then you will be referred by your probation officer to the Kent County Court Services Department for an intake interview.  Your probation officer will schedule an appropriate date and time for this interview and will give you a copy of the paperwork.

The Kent County Court Services Department Community Service Program is located on the second floor of the Kent County Court Building at the corner of Ottawa and Lyon streets in Grand Rapids.

  • You must report on the day and time scheduled – failing to report may result in your case going back to the Judge for a probation violation hearing.
  • At your intake interview, you will be required to read and sign a form which explains the rules and regulations regarding your work.
  • You are expected to comply with all of the community service rules and perform your work as scheduled.  Failing to report or poor attitude or work performance will result in your probation officer being advised of your conduct, and the possibility of termination.  Failing to complete community service work could result in you serving time in jail.
  • Upon successful completion, the Community Service program will send a letter of completion to your probation officer.